We live in dark times, an age where what is right and wrong is no longer clear, a time when the values of our society seem misdirected at rewarding the worst of us rather than the best. We live in times where a crazy man from TV can raise to the highest position of power in the western world with empty words and not so subtle hate.

What else can we expect, what other options are there? As a culture, we’ve lost sight of what is good. Even worse, we’ve stopped rewarding good, ensuring it doesn’t continue. This isn’t something we can blame anyone specifically, we can’t point a finger and expect any serious change. The problems of today are systematic, and they are for all of us the same.

What if this is where we are supposed to be? What if, instead of this being a fluke, it is where we have been pointing our aim at? This isn’t a crazy man with a gun, it’s a culture aiming at destructive goals. We wanted this to happen, we all asked to be rich, famous and loud. This is not random, we’ve all been asking for it.

If we look at it from this perspective, as a cultural phenomenon of misaligned goals and poor judgment, then the solution is a change from within. We can’t expect our leaders to take us there, they’ve already proven that they are unable or unwilling to do what is right. No change can come from them, they are set in their ways.

Being amazing is doing the right thing, making good choices and doing what is necessary to make your life and the lives of the people around you better. By shopping locally and making better food choices you are working towards a better environment. By making smart choices about the things you buy, you are helping yourself and the economy by not creating more toxic debt. When you avoid things that you don’t need, you create less waste. When you read books you learn about the world and make better choices.

The best part about being amazing is that it is contagious. When people see you setting a good example they follow your lead. The goal, beyond being amazing is to help the people around you be more amazing too. By doing the right thing, you reward doing the right thing. When we work towards making ourselves better, others follow, and they set an example for the people around them.

We are at a tipping point, things have tipped in this direction and are already getting ready to tip in the other direction. When things are ‘bad’ people get ready for things to turn good. Sometimes we just need to be nudged or inspired, and that inspiration comes from the people around us. The more amazing people we see, the more willing we will be to try to be amazing ourselves.

Don’t be tricked, this isn’t a quick fix, it is a slow process, one that starts with you. Remember, it’s not about getting our leaders to make the right choices, they will follow our lead when we choose to do the right thing.

To make the world more amazing, you need to start with yourself, the world will follow.