January 2020

I am my things?

I saw this ad on the side of the road, I made me wonder if they chose those words on purpose. To say many thing, is to suggest my things? We are taught to assume that we are our things, but that is never the case, we are something much more.

The Real Injustice?

I walked past this ad and had lots of thoughts. These are those thoughts. Advertisements aren’t the solution, they are the problem!

Your identity is being taken away by forcing you to see it as something you can buy. You don’t buy your identity, you live it, you are it. The goal of ads isn’t to represent you, it is to take away something from you. An ad’s goal is to make you feel empty. Ads exist to make us feel like we can fill in something that is missing, with something that can be bought, but what we are missing isn’t something that we can buy.

Ideas From Watchmen by Alan Moore


The most famous line from the Watchmen is ‘Who watches the watchers?’ In this video, I talk about that idea and a few others. Are Superheros super, or are they just like us? Was the Watchmen the start of a movement or a sign of the times? If anything, it seems like the world has started to wonder, can we trust those people who have power?

Be Amazing! Learn A Language


Learning a new language is one of the most amazing things you can do, this is because it is one of the most serious challenges you can put yourself through. I’ve been working on Japanese on and off for a few years, it is a lot of work, but being able to speak in another language feels amazing!

Be Amazing, Keep a Journal


For most of my life, I’ve kept a journal. I can say, by far it is one of the best ways to keep me sane in times of turmoil. A journal is a great way to get your thoughts out, that helps you deal with the things that are bothering you and gets them out of your head.