May 2020

How do YOU know you aren’t dreaming right now?

How do you know you aren’t dreaming right now? That might seem like a silly question, but I found a list of 5 different characteristics of dreams, and all of them can be applied to our lives right now. Does this mean we are dream? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t, but that isn’t for me to decide, because it is up to you. But if you think about it, so much of what is happening right now, only a few months would have seemed impossible and totally unlikely. The best argument against this being a dream, right now, is that if you trace your time back, you woke up. But if you are a lucid dreamer, then you know all about false awakenings. False awakenings are dreams where you feel like you are waking up, but actually, it is just another dream.

Notes for: How do YOU know you aren’t dreaming right now?

You can say you know you aren’t dreaming right now cause at some point in the recent past, you woke up. But lucid dreamers know all about false awakenings, where you wake up, but the wake up is just another dream.

  1. Dreams often feature intense emotions like anxiety, fear and surprise.
  2. Dreams are frequently disorganized and illogical.
  3. Strange dream content is accepted without question.
  4. People often experience bizarre sensations while dreaming, like not being able to control movement.
  5. Dreams are difficult to remember.

Dreams tend to reflect or reference things that have been happened in the past couple of days.

Sometimes strange things happen in life, you are thinking of someone and they call or send you a message. Or you are thinking of a song and you hear it on the radio. People say these are just a coincidence, but what if the thought about the thing is actually what made it happen?

Some of my first lucid dreams still stick with me to this day, many, many years later. At times, lucid dreams are indistinguishable from real life, so then how do you know that this isn’t a dream?

My questions for you: How do YOU know you aren’t dreaming right now? Let me know in the comments below.

Space and Time Don’t Exist

Space and time don’t exist. Causation, cause and effect are figments of our imaginations. Our brains/minds create these concepts to help us make sense of the world around us. When we see something, light bounces off of it, into our eyes, our eyes record some signals, those signals pass into the brain and are turned into an experience of something. The thing seems like it is outside of us, but in truth, it is inside of our mind, it is an idea rather than a thing. In the 18th century, Immanuel Kant introduced the idea of transcendental idealism, today we look at how that idea relates to the experience of our dreams. In our dreams, everything is an idea, but in real life, we assume that isn’t the case, but how can we know? If everything we experience is an idea, then even space and time are ideas and not real things.

Space and Time Don’t Exist Notes

Metaphysics is the study of the nature of reality.

Immanuel Kant was a german philosopher from the 18th century, in his book “Critique of Pure Reason” he introduced the idea of transcendental idealism. This means, beyond experience and knowledge, and a world of ideas created or existing in the mind.

Subjects cognize objects not as they are in-themselves, but only the way they appear to us under the conditions of our sensibilities.

Cognizes -> perceived, know or become aware of.
Sensibilities -> ability to appreciate and respond to complex emotions.
Thing in itself -> objects as they are independent of observation.
Idea of the thing -> an observable fact or event, the experience of the thing by the person.
Phenomenon -> experiences of things.

Basically, we don’t experience things directly, but instead ideals of them in our heads.

Space and time don’t exist, causality and cause and effect don’t exist either, instead they are crated inside the mind.

How is this different from a dream?
Waking dreams -> things are consistent because of routine.
Sleeping dreams -> things aren’t consistent, the routine is turned off?

If space and time don’t exist, what does?

Quarantine Dreams and Nightmares

Let’s talk about quarantine dreams and nightmares. Lots of people have been having strange dreams and nightmares during this lockdown and crisis. The main reason you are having strange dreams is that you aren’t doing as much as you used to. When you are busy, your brain has lots of content to process when you got to sleep, but now, if you are at home and not going out, your brain needs to dig deeper back into the past to find content for your dreams. This would explain why you are seeing people you haven’t seen in ages in your dreams. On the other hand, if you are having nightmares it might be because of all of the extra stress we are under these days, people are losing their jobs and going to get groceries has become a scary thing.

Notes for Quarantine Dreams and Nightmares

  • Our lives are much more boring than before, every day feels like a repeat of the last. We might even ask, what day is it? what week?
  • Our minds have less content to work with, there is less going on
  • Maybe we are getting more sleep and have a better more consistent routine
  • Dream residue, dreams make sense of the day and what happened, thus less going on, your brain has to dig deeper for content
  • I’ve had strange quarantine dreams and nightmares myself, dreams about people I haven’t seen in years. My mom has been having the same experience.
  • Do we have less to work with? Less content in life, less content for dreams.
  • Bad dreams during this time, life is more stressful than the past when life was “normal”
  • Collective consciousness, last time this kind of thing happened would have been war times or something else like that
  • Life is more stressful, people are losing their jobs, afraid to go to the store or live a normal life
  • Suggestions for Quarantine Dreams and nightmares, try meditation, it has helped me with anxiety about all that is going on.
  • Write down your dreams, keep a dream journal, think about your dreams, maybe figure out what is going on with your life and dreams.
  • Right now is a great time to work on dreaming and try to figure out some of the things in your life.

War On Dreams

There is a war on dreams, we dream every day, and it is something that we do our whole life, yet we rarely talk about dreams or get any education on them. We know little about our dreams, and it is something we consider only a byproduct of sleep. We don’t think dreams are important, but they are the most important thing we do every day. There is a war to keep us awake and focused on things that aren’t sleeping. The war is on your attention and against your dreams. Put another way, we don’t talk about dreams, so we don’t value them. Because we don’t value them, we don’t see the power they have. Dreams are hugely valuable if you put them to work, so use your dreams to make a better life for you and the world.

Notes about the War On Dreams

  • Dreams are important, we do it every day
  • 1/3 of the day is sleeping, so we can dream for 2 hours a day
  • We don’t talk about dreams, we aren’t told about the value of dreams or what we can get from our dreams
  • There is no advertisement for dreams, only what you can see while you are awake
  • We are driven to stay awake, so we cant watch more TV/movies or play more games or get more work done
  • There is a war on sleep, the real war is on attention which is about money from advertisers
  • We are never taught about the value of dreams, literally, everything else in life is more important than our dreams, or so it seems.
  • In a way, we are told that dreams don’t matter because they aren’t something we consider, we don’t talk, so it doesn’t matter?
  • Calling someone a “dreamer” is an insult
  • We sometimes talk about dreams, but its mostly ignored, it is something we writeoff or ignore. We aren’t told to value it.
  • Alcohol and caffeine disrupt our sleep and dreams, but we never get told about that
  • Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung are obscure and we often hear jokes about them or what they thought
  • We don’t get taught about dreams at school or anywhere else.
  • We can cure ourselves if we tried
  • At the very least, if we consider our dreams, they can provide insights and help us solve our problems.
  • Dream are powerful, but there is a war on our dreams.

Dreams About Your Crush Meaning

Dreams about your crush, what do they mean? The most obvious explanation is that you are thinking about your crush all the time. On the other hand, a dream about your crush could mean that your subconscious is asking you to take action and tell them how you feel. Dreams about your crush can also represent confidence or doubt if they are rejecting you. The key is to look at your dream and look at your own life and see how they are related. No one can tell you what your dream means except yourself. Happy Dreaming.

Video Notes

I once dreamt about my crush, I tried to kiss her and she said “Tell me how you feel in real life.”

What do dreams about your crush mean? Whaat is going on? What are you thinking about? What are you going through right now?

Metaphorical meaning -> thought about a lot, whaat is on your mind?

Thinking about the meaning, means the importance of it increase and moves up in priority, so you dream about it more.

Meaning is wish fulfilment, you want something, you are being asked to take action.

All the time? Thinking about the person too much. Maybe it feels like a possibility out of reach.

Dying crush might mean you are over the person.

Someone haas a crush on you might represent self-esteem, and worthiness.

Former crush – represents feelings from that time, or you are feeling the same way as you did in back then. Similar situation?

Rejected by a crush means you are feeling insecure or anxieties, you are afraid even though you don’t know what someone else things. You might need to ask them out to find out or get over the crush.

Your crush likes you back, confidence and optimism, you think you deserve it and its time to let them know.

Crush on a strange, new and unexpected possibilities.

The biggest take away, this is what you want, so you should take action and ask them out. That way you can get what you want or get over your crush.