Are Dreams More Real than Real Life?

Are dreams more real than real life? This might sound like a ridiculous question, but if you think about it, the front of your brain helps with planning and action, so in a way, it creates structure and makes sense of what you perceive. If this is a true description of our perceptions, then it makes sense to suggest that our waking brain gives us a less accurate representation of reality. You might say, but I’m sleeping and my eyes are closed, which is true, but the parts of your brain that process inputs are just as active while you are sleep as they are while you are awake.

Notes On Are Dreams More Real than Real Life?

  1. if you had to create a world all the time, it would make sense to create one that was consistent (where we are most of the time)
    – Waking life is consistent cause our mind makes it that way, because that is easier than creating a new thing all the time… its hard to function in a world that is always changing.
  2. Front of the brain turns off when you sleep, it is responsible for creating reality.
    – Frontal lobe -> lateral prefrontal cortex -> Controls experience/reality by controlling decision making, planing and action.
    – Back is of brain is for senses and still works while you sleep.
  3. Path Dependency -> the choices you make in the past affect the choices you can make later, in the future.
  4. Waking life is less real than dream life because we are forced / locked into seeing a fixed reality.

This is because frontal lobe’s control on planning and decision making makes reality appear fixed.

Path dependency influences decision making, such as the decision on what kind of world you will see.

Dreams are more real then real life?

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