Representation by Proportional Vote:

5% of the national vote equals 5% party representation in the house (or a number of seats equaling 5%).

Parties will have a prioritized list of candidates. The first person will be the leader, moving down the list are the members who get the next available seat. This list will exist and be public before the election.

Parties are teams working on big issues. Citizens focus on local issues.

Parties and politicians will do their job according to the needs of the populous. The populous will guide the politician’s action.

To be a ‘voter’ citizens must be of a certain age and pass a reading comprehension test. As a voter, you will have a responsibility to do your JOB.

A voters job will entail:
– Parties will prepare documents on issues, the voter will be responsible for reading them.
– Vote on actionable ideas associated with things that need doing.
– Voters must dedicate time every day to understand the issues they are voting on.

Decisions Making:
– Votes on unbiased questions about actionable ideas i.e, building a new highway or add a street sign
– Aggregated results to many different questions determine actions.

– This isn’t supposed to be fun, it is a social contract obligation for being a capable citizen.
– Justifies citizens getting paid for their ‘work’, basically a universal basic income. A living wage or part of one that could supplement a part-time job.