How To Be Amazing! A Manifesto

3 copies of how to be amazing

Daily, we are bombarded with advertisements, news, and social media diatribes. We’re encouraged to consume and pushed to distraction—all at the expense of thinking for ourselves. Our constant need for external validation has led us to compromise our values and allowed us to stagnate as individuals.


But, how much progress could we make if we set goals, stopped procrastinating, and finished what we started? What could we accomplish if we reclaimed the importance of introspection and self-improvement?


In HOW TO BE AMAZING! A Manifesto, I will show you how to discover meaning in a chaotic world. From journaling to midday walks to cooking your own meals, this book lays out 42 ideas about how to make your life more amazing.

“HOW TO BE AMAZING by Robert Carr is an inspirational guide to harnessing your ambition and revealing your true potential. Filled with candid observances based on Carr’s personal life experiences, HOW TO BE AMAZING is a meaningful look at the importance of introspection and forward motion in a society that is gridlocked by technology and the constant need for external validation.”
Abigail Stefaniak