Walk Talk

Walk Talk #5 – The Impossibility of the Past

Talking Points:

– Noticed a block of stone that looks like it was from an old building, but there are no buildings around here.
– We know where we are in the world because there is a map or a globe that we can give ourselves a sense of reference to.
– But what about time? It doesn’t have the same sense of reference.
– There is something nostalgic about the fall weather, despite being grey and wet
– With the locality of time, we sort of have a reference, like a date and time.- All of our time is references to times, like to the birth of Jesus?
– But they are mostly random; without real reference, we can only guess.
– Time is based on stories, and your location kind of is too, but there is more solidity to the location, vs time.
– There are conspiracies about time like history is false or made up.
– We have no reason to really know that history is true.
– Official sources are always at least somewhat propaganda
– Any letter or picture doesn’t need to be true, it could be fiction
– Things in the past, we may take for granted now because of the stories, but they might not be true or real, they are just what we believe now.
– Things could be different then they were then, vs what they are now
– Is the bible true? What about any other stories from the past? Are they just as valid?
– The past is unknown, the future is unknown, so all we have is now.
– Thinking about the past, it starts to slip away, then we only remember the big events
– How do we even know that the past happened? But maybe we don’t need to think about the past because we are so busy now.
– We can recreate memories as we need them.
– We have the here and now.- Step into the same river twice?
– Step into the place that was once before? The past can not be, all that we have is a memory, so what we remember is just a different now.
– You will always ‘be here now.’
–  But what is the past? But really, we can’t know, we have a sense of reference to other things.
– I’ve generally not been interested in the past or history.
– The evolution of stories is interesting, but ‘real’ history is something else.
– Maybe all this doubt is some kind of story to justify a disinterest in history.
– Ideas are influenced by the past, whereas facts of the past are stories.
– Who, what, where, when facts, but the story to link them is fiction.
– There is lots of gain from stories.
– How do you make a good choice? 50% of the time, you are wrong, so every choice is just a 50-50 chance of being right.
– Save more conversation about the past for later. 

Walk Talk #4 – What We Should Do vs. What We Want To Do

– The things we need to do to go to work, like the costs, rent, transportation, nearness, taxes
– How we raise our children, by getting jobs to pay to put them in daycare, vs rasing them and not paying for daycare.
– Daycare is absurd, but it is relatively new, and it is what we are told we are supposed to do.
– I’ve never understood this game we play, why do we have to work? Yet most people believe in it and don’t have any questions.
– Maybe I’m an exception for wanting to be free to do as I wish, but also, not being used to it makes it hard.
– Kids are one of the most meaningful things in life, but society seems to be designed in a way that having kids seems like an irrational choice.
– Two people need to work to keep the machine going, it used to be easier, sort of.
– What are we supposed to do? Just keep working till we die?
– Dreaming about breaking my phone in half, but why? Maybe being bord, we fill our time.
– Is a phone an escape from our lives, yet phones are toxic.
– Our environments can shape us in negative ways, it could be in rebellion to our place.
– Our parents were wrong? What they told us to do before doesn’t make sense anymore.
– We are losing trust in our institutions for different reasons.
– A strange contradiction, in that we need money to escape, yet we need to play the game to get the money to escape. Money is the solution.
– Is this a paradox? Is this what we are supposed to do? This seems to conflict.
– Environmentalism and consumerism, and working, it kind of makes sense and breaks things.
– Things make sense, sort of, but then they don’t really make sense at all (going to a place to work).
– Why do we go to work to consume and destroy the ecosystem, which is against our interests and the worlds, but is for the system?
– We are like pigs or cows heading to slaughter.
– A weird paradox or a weird problem. Does it make sense?
– Family life, social life, conflicts with that. Yet totally makes sense in the economic sense.
– Do we do all of this because of the stories we have been told?
– Yet we all keep doing this.

Time is an Illusion; All of Time Exists now, Time is Repeating

Notes About Walk Talk

– Walking in a cemetery
Need to be in nature, trees and grass represent life, a place like this reminds me about the here and now
– I got my haircut, tried something new, the lady was really nice, complimented me on reading a book.
– Lady said I used to watch the show, Twilight Zone. In an episode, these people went into a room, and there were shelves of books. When they saw the books, they said, “What are these things?” After that, she asked, “How did they know that books would go away?”
– It made me think of a Philip K Dick interview
– Cellphones and tablets are like Scrying ‘Mirrors’
– I feel this weird sense of time while writing novels. Novels and stories feel like channelling other times and places.
– Handmaiden’s tale predicted online banking?
– Talk about a movie on Netflix, The Endless
– Repeating of life when you have work and a family, but that is for everyone.
– Repeating of life feels like we are not in control. Maybe thinking we don’t have power is what makes it feel like we aren’t in control.
– Life is a cycle, or we have faith that it is a cycle, and that is how we give it power.
– I found a gravestone with a name very similar to mine.

Walk Talk #2 – Authenticity and Climate Change

Could pull together the notes for this one, and sorry about the crappy pictures, my phone needs replacing.

This walk talk is about the authenticity, or more the challenges of living an authentic life. It also relates to how we might want to care and do things about climate change, but so many of the problems are out of our hands. To authentically challenge the climate problem, we pretty much have to check out of society, which is a challenge in itself.

Walk Talk #1 – Addiction and Changing Your Environment


– Talking about walking, sometimes walking in the city gets loud
– Walking in nature, it’s more freeing and feels alive
– Having a conversation with yourself, helps you clear your mind
– The gravel under my feet makes the walk seem more real
– Steep, more inclined, some kind of rhyme?
– It is the last day of summer or at least close, it’s warm and feels like summer


– Working from home, less stress, less coffee- Rat Park (call it city in the conversation) was an experiment that looked at addiction. It suggested that addition was a result of the environment rather than the enjoyment of drugs.
– People are overweight, there is an opioid crisis, people are dying of preventable diseases. Could this be about our environment? Could it be a way to deal with the stress?
– Junk environment = junk behaviour = junk addictions

Getting Out of Your Environment:

– Safety Behaviour, drinking water to feel better
– Walking and talking, talking and walking, self-therapy
– Different places mean different states of mind. Different environment means different habits, can we get over addictions this way?
– Act and behave different, a new place frees us to think in a different way, see our problems differently.
– A big way I did this in my life, was by moving to South Korea for a year- Having a ‘new’ life helped me figure out what I needed and wanted to do
– That new view of life gave me direction, lead me to web development and what I currently do in IT.
– The smell of the river gives me nostalgia of Korea, maybe that is inspiring these ideas.

Rounding it up:

– Going back to an old environment, there is a risk of returning to old habits and addictions, but the direction can help with that.
– My time in Korea was some of the most enlightening experiences of my life. Learned about who I was.
– Changing your environment is the best way to get out of habits and addictions.
– A walk helps you forget the world around you, for a bit
– Talking and walking is talk therapy, walk, talk Get things out!