Despite The News It Is Not The End Of The World


We live in the greatest times ever, yet we have no idea what will happen next. Yet at the same time, we are sure that we know exactly what will happen next. That is an interesting contradiction, and it leaves us vulnerable to a surprise.

Us humans with our oversized brains and books of ideas seem to think that we know everything. We believe that if we find ourselves in a situation that needs a serious solution we will be able to solve it. Yet, all the time we prove to ourselves that that isn’t the case. We show ourselves that we are always guessing, thinking we are going in the right direction.

The Danger

A great analogy for the times is to consider a car on the highway going way over the speed limited. The driver is stone sober but thinks he is invincible. No wrong will ever come to him, he says, so he doesn’t wear a seatbelt. Humanity is that man, we are sure we know what we are doing, but one serious surprise or mistake could be deadly.

It could be true that things are bad and that they are getting worse. We hear every day about global catastrophes lingering around each corner. We hear that our planet is melting down and will extinguish us some day.

Our antibiotics are becoming useless and there is nothing we can do. There are wars around the world, and we are all responsible for them. There is a spark waiting to burn down the whole thing.

The problem is that this stuff could or could not be true. We walk around looking at the world around us but aren’t quite convinced either way. How can we really know what is happening in the world, we can only see what is happening around us.

What About What We See

We can only look at screens and pieces of paper to see what they have to say. But the screens don’t know anything. They are filled with the ideas of people who have been wrong about many things over the last few years.

So we grow cynical, what is there to do otherwise? It’s not like we can go to all these terrible places and see the destruction that is occurring. It’s not like we can look up at the sky and know what is going on with the environment. It’s almost like we can’t know any of the big things at all.

The screens and their sources, the media want us to believe that it is the end of times. Things will end and the end is right around the corner, that is what sells. At the same time, they are sure that we will have a solution to any problems, yeah capitalism.

The message seems to be from people who don’t believe. The cognitive dissonance is strong. Rather than taking their word for it, we should assume it is a lie or more of an elaborate fiction meant to amuse us. That is the industry, they entertain and create fear.

What Is Happening Around Us

Take a look at the world around you and see that it’s not so bad, in fact, it might actually be amazing. You sort of need to believe it, you need to accept it while at the same time denying what is being told to you.

The end times end when you accept that we have no idea what is going on. We can’t see ten feet in front of us, and we will be surprised at every turn. The end of the world is waiting for us, but it isn’t now, there is no end except the final one.

To be true to yourself and to embrace the world, you need to accept that it isn’t the end of times. What you see on your screens can’t be true, what is true is right in front of you.

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