You Don’t Choose Your Thoughts, But You Can Be Honest About Them


The other day I was thinking about how I didn’t choose to be into philosophy, it chose me. There are a lot of other interests that I didn’t choose, they were interesting from the start.

If we see ourselves as a system than this makes sense. Our body at the start (our DNA), those are our initial conditions. The system as we define it is a set of conditions a sort of logic. Something that responds to causes or is in effect cause and effect.

Our Brains Are Systems

Things are a back and forth, our brain, a human system must also follow these kinds of rules. It responds to the conditions in the way that it knows. It learns for better or worse, it plays with the world inside and outside. There is a tug of war, we learn from what we experienced and develop a framework for future situations.

As a human system adapts to the world, it finds the spots where it fits and also those that it should avoid. Ideas are like evolutionary forces. We didn’t choose to have an appendix and we don’t choose the way our minds react to the world we find ourselves in.

We Don’t Always Know What We Are Getting

Benefits and consequences can be surprises, but they are present in every thing. We don’t know why we have an appendix like we don’t know why we have our thoughts. Regardless, we should rest assured that they are there for a reason.

This is also why we should be honest with ourselves about who we are. As who we are was sort of set in the beginning, it is something we can try to understand.

With this information, and a desire to dig deeper we can learn more about ourselves. This striving, we discover what it is that drives us and makes us who we are. With deeper knowledge about ourselves, we are close to solving our problems. This awareness leads us to a more authentic self and a better future if we choose to pursue it.

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