Dreams About Your Crush Meaning

Dreams about your crush, what do they mean? The most obvious explanation is that you are thinking about your crush all the time. On the other hand, a dream about your crush could mean that your subconscious is asking you to take action and tell them how you feel. Dreams about your crush can also represent confidence or doubt if they are rejecting you. The key is to look at your dream and look at your own life and see how they are related. No one can tell you what your dream means except yourself. Happy Dreaming.

Video Notes

I once dreamt about my crush, I tried to kiss her and she said “Tell me how you feel in real life.”

What do dreams about your crush mean? Whaat is going on? What are you thinking about? What are you going through right now?

Metaphorical meaning -> thought about a lot, whaat is on your mind?

Thinking about the meaning, means the importance of it increase and moves up in priority, so you dream about it more.

Meaning is wish fulfilment, you want something, you are being asked to take action.

All the time? Thinking about the person too much. Maybe it feels like a possibility out of reach.

Dying crush might mean you are over the person.

Someone haas a crush on you might represent self-esteem, and worthiness.

Former crush – represents feelings from that time, or you are feeling the same way as you did in back then. Similar situation?

Rejected by a crush means you are feeling insecure or anxieties, you are afraid even though you don’t know what someone else things. You might need to ask them out to find out or get over the crush.

Your crush likes you back, confidence and optimism, you think you deserve it and its time to let them know.

Crush on a strange, new and unexpected possibilities.

The biggest take away, this is what you want, so you should take action and ask them out. That way you can get what you want or get over your crush.

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