Dreams About Your Ex and their Meaning

Dreaming about your ex? what is the meaning of dreams about your ex? Have you dreamt about getting back with your ex? Or have you dreamt about your ex dying? Have you dreamt about your ex moving on? All of these dreams are explained. It is important to remember that dreams about your ex are dreams about what is happening in your life right now, so your ex is a symbol for something else, sometimes.


What does your ex mean to you? Was it a happy or sad relationship? Did you or they end it?

What is happening in your life right now? Are you going through a similar event or situation? What did you learn?

Are you making similar mistakes, or are things headed in the same direction?

First true love, could be a symbol for love rather than that person.

When did it happen? If recent, it could be a way of dealing with the breakup.

It can be a conversation with yourself about the relationship. Are you questioning getting back together or hoping for that?

Do you have kids? Stay together for the kids, keep relation with your ex healthy for the benefit of your kids.

Ex’s can represent emotions/feelings/times/etc, so they could be that rather than who they dream is about.

Rejection, breakup, what is breaking up now, how are you being rejected?

Death/dying could be closure/ending of the relationship, more so, it is your acceptance.

Ex dating someone else, you’ve moved on, your reading to date someone else.

Ex’s family, friends, maybe you miss that part of the relationship, the routine, the lifestyle, the acceptance.


What stands out about this person or relationship?

What right now is similar to that situation?

Is there a lesson from that relationship that can be applied now?

Dream circumstances vs. current, actions similar, how do they relate?

Do emotions now relate to back then, what’s going on with your life right now?


Dreaming about your ex isn’t about the person, but often factors and feelings they symbolize. So think about, what does this person mean?

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