All my friends complain about their jobs, but what the hell are we suppose to do?  We live in a time where we expect to live lives that don’t matter, for a system that doesn’t care about us.

It is easy to blame capitalism, but the simple truth is that the problem is our choices. Work and the consumerist lifestyle exist for the benefit of the system. We are lead to do what is right for the system at the expense of what is right for us.

Capitalism is a system that has won us over because it suits our desires and needs. It also works to encourage a lifestyle that will lead to our collective betterment or destruction.

But still, most morning, we rush out after eating a convenient but unhealthy breakfast. We jaywalk busy streets because we can’t wait for the light to change.

Going To Work

Soon after, we cram into a crowded train filled with people in the same situation. We pass through the city in tin cans, breathing recycled air, so close together that we can feel each other’s heat.

Some mornings there are emergencies on the subway, we wait for emergency services to remove the person. The saddest part is that emergency rarely happens outside of rush-hour. You could argue that this happens because fewer people ride during these times, but I’d say it happens because life is much more stressful during rush-hour.’

Do a google search, and you will find that stress is one of the leading cause of sickness and death. The leading causes of stress come down to work and money, though they are the same thing. Our lives under these circumstances are worse because of the need for money.

Winners and Losers

The common complaints of the losers in our system, almost always point blame at the winners. It seems obvious to blame the rich, and they are benefiting the most and cheer on the current system. Unfortunately, people are only doing what they know to do in the situation they find themselves.

We could blame the rich, by saying they are winning at the expense of everyone else. But by that logic, we must also blame the poor, as they are losing for the benefit of others.

The winners and the losers are in the game for the same reason, and they do not have a choice. Everyone takes the cards they’re dealt and plays by the rules they know. People do what they should do, or at least what they think they should.

It Is Up To Us

The system sets the rules and deals the circumstances. We move forward from our starting points, doing what is best. But we shouldn’t blame people for doing what they think they’re supposed to do. We need to change ourselves so that we do what we are supposed to do, fulfilling our purpose. By this deed, we make the world a better rather than worse place.

By learning and accepting that the system exists, it is up to us to discover for ourselves what we must do. Finding our purpose is a good start, but figuring out how to put it in place within the system is more difficult. Still, this is what we must do, and this is what we must strive to accomplish.