“God doesn’t play dice” Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein said, “God doesn’t play dice.” When he said that, he was referring to quantum physics and how it didn’t seem to make sense given the way we understand the world around us. What he meant was that everything we know seems to follow logical rules and laws. But then quantum physics came along and suggested that randomness was a part of the math and that there weren’t always fixed answers. One solution to this problem was that we simply don’t know all the factors that contribute to an outcome. In this way, there are hidden factors. Fredrick Neichze said that while we are dreaming, and we hear thunder, our minds adjust our experience to account for the sound in a way that makes sense in the context of the dream. I’d like to suggest that that is happening all the time. When we are sleeping and when we are awake, hidden factors influence our experience and understanding of the world around us.

Notes on “God Doesn’t Play Dice” Albert Einstein

Stick to the end and we will take about how this relates to dreams and life.

In a previous video we talked about a related theory, many worlds, this theory also explains things without needing to collapse the wave function. In science, the world is determined, but quantum mechanics says otherwise.

Albert Einstein said that “god doesn’t play dice”, he meant that if things aren’t cause and effect or determined, and seem random, then god wouldn’t have done it.

It was suggested that quantum physics is an incomplete description of reality because the math isn’t fixed, it has probabilities and seems random.

Reality seems determined, math models are usually deterministic, life seems deterministic, so something must be missing, there must be hidden variables if something doesn’t seem deterministic.

Hidden Variables was an early rebuttal, but early quantum scientists, said that indeterminism makes sense based on the evidence.

This isn’t a physics channel, but this is an interesting idea and I’d suggest consistency in life vs. a dream could be caused by hidden variables. Or hidden variables make life not like a dream.

The logic of the dream, Nietzche, hear a sound, dream makes something happen to explain the sound, you think thing happened before sound, so the thing is explained.

I had a dream about my sister, she had a line on her face, i woke up and the line was my blanked over my face. How do we know this isn’t happening all the time?

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