Many Worlds Theory of Dreams

You have heard of the many-worlds theory of quantum mechanics, but have you heard of the many-worlds theory of dreams? Many worlds is a common theme in science fiction, but what if it was a part of our everyday experience? What if our dreams take place in other worlds? What if right now, we were living in one world of an infinite number or other worlds? Let’s investigate.


  • Many worlds theory is one of many interpretations of quantum mechanics, it is very popular in movies.
  • The wave function, mathematic description of the quantum state, which means position, momentum, spin, things that can be measured and observed.
  • the wave function is based on probabilities and complex numbers, equations to given values.
  • wave function collapse, observation, measurement put into a complex equation, you give one value, you get other values back
  • universal wave function – quantum state of the totality of existence, big bang, initial conditions, rules laws move forward in a determined way.
  • The universal wave function is real, and there is no collapse, so all outcomes are realized in different versions of the world.
  • Example of the universal wave function, playing basketball, hear the ball, it could be anywhere till you look, but once you look, you know where the ball is.
  • Very deterministic, each world has initial conditions and rules and evolves from there.
  • each new world is different, so each world will be different
  • dreams are us jumping to different worlds, seeing these different collapsed wave function.
  • this is why a dream world can exist, it has its own place and rules, when we dream, we goto a stable place.
  • Many worlds imply there is an infinite number of worlds, where have you been? What have you seen?
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