Life is Just a Dream!

Life is Just a Dream is a book about dreaming that I read many years ago, it has also been one of the most influential books on my dreaming journey. What is interesting about this book, is the theories it has about what dreams are and what they mean. It talks about Déjà vu and how that could be related to dreams. It also talks about how we could live many lives, in different dream-like places. If you are curious about dreams, this review is a good primer for some of the more far-out ideas.

Dream About Teeth Falling Out Meaning

Dreams about teeth falling and their meaning, dreams about your teeth falling out is one of the most common types of dreams. The most common meaning, is related to transition and change. When we are kids, our teeth fall out, so when we get older and we dream about teeth falling out, it often relates to the same sorts of feelings of transition and change. Dreams about your teeth are falling out are meaningful.


One of the most common types of dreams


Can happen during a breakup/new job/ age milestone:

– Insecure about a change in life, or a phase of life coming to an end

– you feel now like you felt as a child 



– Insecurity during a time of transition, a time of change.

– Loss of childhood teeth, a significant change in life, feeling of insecurity, call back to that time.

– Less self-conscious, feeling awkward, maybe miss being a kid when life was less stressful


Vanity – teeth make you look good; braces make you look better, woman tend to have this dream during menopause

– vanity, fear of losing appeal/attention, self-consciousness about the way we look

Communication – teeth are used to talk, no teeth, no talking, maybe you can’t say what you want to say.

Embarrassment – fear of making a fool of yourself, anxiety about what you need to do.

– Insecurity during a time of transition, a time of change.

– Loss of childhood teeth, a significant change in life, feeling of insecurity, call back to that time.

Teeth and smile show confidence, 

clench your teeth, gritting your teeth, confidence is crumbling, means you feel your confidence is being attached, or you question your confidence. 

-> maybe you should take action to show your confidence, you might feel this way because you aren’t getting what you want.

Powerlessness – teeth are a symbol of power, as in eating, can’t eat, feel week or powerless, you might need to assert yourself.

Health – poor health, maybe you need to see a dentist.

Dreams can highlight something wrong, so maybe your teeth actually hurt, or somewhere else in your body is hurting.

Fear –

Wolves / Dracula teeth -> sucking blood, sucking the life out of, being mean or harmful to someone

Death – people say it is an omen, but that isn’t real, is it?

money – money comes to you, like the tooth fairy or your childhood

Mystical meaning – a sign of prosperity

deception – Chinese say, your teeth will fall out if you lie

Meaning something new is happening, and you are trying to make sense of it, just like you did as a child when your teeth first fell out.

Meditation to Make Your Dreams Come True

I want to tell you about how meditation can make your dreams come true. I’ve been using a meditation app recently and one of the lessons in it helps you use your imagination and focus to induce a sort of waking dream. I was just imagining a candle, but that was enough to see that we really can change our experiences of reality. This experience has me wondering even more, is this a dream?

Do mobile phones affect sleep and dreams?

Do mobile phones affect sleep and dreams?

Do mobile phones affect your sleep and dreams? The answer is yes, of course, they affect your sleep, also, as a result, they kill your dreams. Dreams are important to your mental health and life. The more we look at our phones the less quality sleep we get, the less sleep we get the worse it is four our dreams. Dreams are important, so don’t kill them with your phone.

What Do Dreams About Snakes Mean?

What do dreams about snakes mean? Snakes are the most common animal in our dreams, so they have a lot of meaning. But what do dreams about snakes mean? Snakes represent both sides of existence, they can mean death if they bit you, but they can also mean life as they contain the anti-venom to their bit. A snake gave Adam and Eve fruit from the tree of knowledge, so snakes also bring knowledge.


Good morning dreamers.

Today I want to talk about dreams about snakes.

Stick to the end and ill tell you how to interpret your snake dreams.

Is this a dream now? Let’s do a reality check.

The interesting thing about mythology is that it is sort of a link between the past and our dreams. Myth is essentially a made-up story that tries to explain things, but isn’t that what our dreams are doing? And how do we know they are made up, if we take the perspective of a dream, nothing about myth is too crazy… Anything is possible in a dream.

The Mythology of dreams about snakes:

Snakes Represent the dual expression of good and evil.

Fertility and renewal in nature, it is a creative force, it leads to transformation with the shedding of its skin.

Snakes can guard treasures and secret places.

Snakes can represent both sides of medicine, the poison if they bite, or the cure as they contain the anti-venom.

Asclepius (a-sclep-e-us), who was the Greek hero and god of medicine… he had the staff with the snake.

Nowadays, the symbol of medicine is a staff with a snake wrapped around it.

Bible: Salvation and eternal life -> John 3.14-21

And just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in him may have eternal life. 

Evolution: Early primates would have been afraid and needed to be careful around snakes; they would need to fight or flight. So, a snake can represent death and danger.

Dreams about Snakes means:

Dreams about snakes are the most common dream animal, they are both positive and negative, but it all comes down to your own life, your own life experiences, and your own culture.

In Canada, snakes are not very common, but in other parts of the world, they are.

Bitten by a snake: toxic person or thing in your life, you could feel trapped or paralyzed.

Growth or renew: Change of life, or renew, snake sheds its skin, so that could mean something for your life.

Fear: Snakes hide in the grass, they can be unpredictable and unknown; thus they can suggest fear of the unknown or the unseen.

Hidden threats or warnings: for the same reasons as fear, snakes hide in the grass; you can’t see they are around, so you can’t always prepare. This could also mean it is below the surface. A small snake may mean you are underestimating a risk. Killing a snake may mean you have overcome or resolved an issue.

Subconscious: again hidden below the surface, could be a symbol of your subconscious trying to tell you something or convey a message. Generally, the subconscious uses snakes to suggest difficult situations.

Sexual temptation or hidden desires: this is a Freudian idea, but snakes are phallic, so depending on how they are seen, or what they do, the meaning can change. Not everything is about sex.

Callous person, rough skin: could be a warning about a person, not to trust them, if the snake becomes a person, that is who the warning is about.

Snake attack: If you are attacked by a snake, it could mean you are undergoing some inner turmoil.

Transformation: snakes shed their skin, so they represent change or transformation. If you feel a positive feeling afterwards, then you might be transforming. You feel bad, you might not want to change.

Healing: poisonous snakes hold the antidote / anti-venom this leads to recovery and protection.

Creativity and potential: If you are looking for a favourable interpretation, a snake can represent new wisdom or the seeking knowledge.

Carl Jung (Young) “The commonest dream symbol of transcendence is the snake”

Transcendence means beyond existence or experience of the normal or physical level. Most likely, this comes from the medical symbolism we talked about before. Which comes from Asclepius (a-sclep-e-us), who was the Greek hero and god of medicine… he had the staff with the snake.

Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in him may have eternal life

They are then also a meditation between heaven and earth, life and death, without medicine, we die, with medicine we live.

Jung also said, “When life gets serious, we need to pay attention, [so] dreams about snakes are a chance to change!”

What Do Dreams about snakes mean to You:

How do you make sense about a snake in your dream? You need to first get past the initial fear because there is likely a meaning beyond that.

Snakes are complex and multi-layered, so they often don’t mean what we think they do.

Base it off of your own experience, what do snakes mean to you while you are awake? What do they mean in your culture?


In a world that doesn’t make sense, it is important to ask ‘Is this a dream?’

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Thanks for watching and sweet dreams.

Dreams about snakes mean

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Why do we have dreams when we sleep?

why do we dream?

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Is life a dream?

Is life a dream? Are we living in a dream world? I’ve wondered this since I had my first lucid dream. After my first lucid dream, I realize that my mind could create a world that looked like the world I lived in during the day. Since then, I’ve been wondering, what kind of world do we live in? I’m not saying that I know the answer, only that this is a question that needs to be asked.

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream