Quarantine Dreams and Nightmares

Let’s talk about quarantine dreams and nightmares. Lots of people have been having strange dreams and nightmares during this lockdown and crisis. The main reason you are having strange dreams is that you aren’t doing as much as you used to. When you are busy, your brain has lots of content to process when you got to sleep, but now, if you are at home and not going out, your brain needs to dig deeper back into the past to find content for your dreams. This would explain why you are seeing people you haven’t seen in ages in your dreams. On the other hand, if you are having nightmares it might be because of all of the extra stress we are under these days, people are losing their jobs and going to get groceries has become a scary thing.

Notes for Quarantine Dreams and Nightmares

  • Our lives are much more boring than before, every day feels like a repeat of the last. We might even ask, what day is it? what week?
  • Our minds have less content to work with, there is less going on
  • Maybe we are getting more sleep and have a better more consistent routine
  • Dream residue, dreams make sense of the day and what happened, thus less going on, your brain has to dig deeper for content
  • I’ve had strange quarantine dreams and nightmares myself, dreams about people I haven’t seen in years. My mom has been having the same experience.
  • Do we have less to work with? Less content in life, less content for dreams.
  • Bad dreams during this time, life is more stressful than the past when life was “normal”
  • Collective consciousness, last time this kind of thing happened would have been war times or something else like that
  • Life is more stressful, people are losing their jobs, afraid to go to the store or live a normal life
  • Suggestions for Quarantine Dreams and nightmares, try meditation, it has helped me with anxiety about all that is going on.
  • Write down your dreams, keep a dream journal, think about your dreams, maybe figure out what is going on with your life and dreams.
  • Right now is a great time to work on dreaming and try to figure out some of the things in your life.
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