Summary of Hamlet by William Shakespeare


Hamlet Spoiler Alert

Hamlet in my option is Shakespeare’s best play. I wrote this summary because it is so amazing and I can’t think of any other stories so tragic.

Hamlet is in love with someone, he tells her so. Next, Hamlet friend’s see a ghost who looks like Hamlet’s father, the king who recently died. Ophelia’s father tells the new king and queen about Hamlet’s shenanigans with his daughter.

The ghost tells Hamlet that his father was murdered by his brother (Hamlet’s uncle). He was murdered so that the uncle could become king and marry his sister-in-law, Hamlet’s mother.

There Is A Play

The king and queen want to send Hamlet away to another city. At first, Hamlet devises a plan to make a play about a man killing his brother to take his place as king. Consequentially, Hamlet wants his mother and uncle to see the play so he can judge their reactions and see if what the ghost said is true.

Hamlet puts on the show, his uncle (the king) reacts in such a way to suggest Hamlet’s suspicions are true. He later visits his mother in her chambers and hears someone in the closet. Without regard, he kills the man, who happens to be Ophelia father. Hamlet apologizes to his mother and drags the man’s body away. Ophelia finds out about her father’s death and kills herself by drowning.

The king guessing what Hamlet is onto his scheme decides to kill Hamlet. Hamlet leaves town and claims he is captured by pirates, but he later returns home. Ophelia’s brother returns from far away and hears about his father death. He confronts the king, the king says he is not responsible.

The Tragedy Begins

The king and Ophelia’s brother come up with a plan to kill Hamlet. The plan is a fight to the death. Hamlet doesn’t want any part of their scheme, but the king calls on him twice so he shows up.

The fight begins, Hamlet is winning but Ophelia’s brother has poison on his sword. The king brings in drinks, one is poison. Next, Hamlet kills Ophelia’s brother, his mother drinks the poison and dies. Finally, Hamlet stabs the king who also dies, Hamlets injuries are worse than they seem, so he dies.

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