The Multiverse is Real, and You Explore it in Your Dreams!

The multiverse is real, and you explore it in your dreams. Obviously, we can’t know this for sure, but it is a fun idea to think about. The thing is, it doesn’t seem so crazy, as the many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics is one of the more popular interpretations. For now, the multiverse is hypothetical, and scientific evidence doesn’t exist to say it is real or not. But in general, we think dreams take place inside our heads, but there isn’t ‘real’ proof for that. The truth is, that scientists scan people’s heads while they dream, and see different parts of it lighting up, and say that is the cause of the dream, but for all, we know it could be a coincidence.

Notes on: The Multiverse is Real, and You Explore it in Your Dreams!

Talk about how it is real, how you explore it and what that means for real life.

Hypothetical group of multiple universes, it consists of everything that exists. That includes, space, time, matter, energy, information.

Different universes within multiverse are called parallel universes, other universes, alternative universes, alternative worlds.

Ancient Greeks started this idea with atomism, when an atom collapses it creates a new world.

Early quantum physicist Schrodinger, as in the guy with the cat, said “not alternatives [realities], but all really happen simultaneously.”

Its not science because it can’t be falsified, so it also can’t be proven.

In our dreams, we travel to alternative realities, or universes. This means, in our dreams we explore alternative realities.

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