War On Dreams

There is a war on dreams, we dream every day, and it is something that we do our whole life, yet we rarely talk about dreams or get any education on them. We know little about our dreams, and it is something we consider only a byproduct of sleep. We don’t think dreams are important, but they are the most important thing we do every day. There is a war to keep us awake and focused on things that aren’t sleeping. The war is on your attention and against your dreams. Put another way, we don’t talk about dreams, so we don’t value them. Because we don’t value them, we don’t see the power they have. Dreams are hugely valuable if you put them to work, so use your dreams to make a better life for you and the world.

Notes about the War On Dreams

  • Dreams are important, we do it every day
  • 1/3 of the day is sleeping, so we can dream for 2 hours a day
  • We don’t talk about dreams, we aren’t told about the value of dreams or what we can get from our dreams
  • There is no advertisement for dreams, only what you can see while you are awake
  • We are driven to stay awake, so we cant watch more TV/movies or play more games or get more work done
  • There is a war on sleep, the real war is on attention which is about money from advertisers
  • We are never taught about the value of dreams, literally, everything else in life is more important than our dreams, or so it seems.
  • In a way, we are told that dreams don’t matter because they aren’t something we consider, we don’t talk, so it doesn’t matter?
  • Calling someone a “dreamer” is an insult
  • We sometimes talk about dreams, but its mostly ignored, it is something we writeoff or ignore. We aren’t told to value it.
  • Alcohol and caffeine disrupt our sleep and dreams, but we never get told about that
  • Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung are obscure and we often hear jokes about them or what they thought
  • We don’t get taught about dreams at school or anywhere else.
  • We can cure ourselves if we tried
  • At the very least, if we consider our dreams, they can provide insights and help us solve our problems.
  • Dream are powerful, but there is a war on our dreams.

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